The Shaffer Farm

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      Grapes Pictures (07 Feb 14)


      Banana  (25 Aug 13)


      Oak Tree Down (16 Jun 13)


       Hazelnut  (19 Mar 13)


       Whitewash  (17 Mar 13)


       Oak Trees  (15 Mar 13)


       Arborvitae (15 Mar 13)


       Fruit Trees  (20 Feb 13)


       Bamboo  (31 Jan 13)


       Garden Pictures


       Pecan Pictures


        Pear Pictures


       Luffa Pictures


      Cleanup Pictures


      Wood Stove




      Norwood Sawmill


      DR Log Splitter


      Ford Tractor


      Longleaf Pine


      Chester Drawers


      Flowering Trees


      Sugar Cane








The Shaffer Farm, LLC


Since December 2011

Farmer Shaffer with wife Linda

Kristen, our niece, thought it would be funny to buy me overalls for Christmas 2011.

  To my wife's dismay I really like them.

16 August 2012 - Amberson's got me a pitchfork to complete the ensemble.



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